Johann Barbancon

I hail from Brittany and was born on 28th November 1974 to very laid-back parents not far from beautiful St Malo. My parents still live out there as does my older brother. I also have a sister in Paris. After completing my studies in Brittany I accepted an apprenticeship in hairdressing at the age of 18. When I turned 22, I decided to go to the big city, Paris, for further training. The opportunities were great and I spent five years soaking up Parisian life and broadening my skills. At 27, I went to visit my cousin Stephan who was working in New York as a hairdresser. I immediately fell in love with the good vibe of Manhattan and decided to give life a go over there. I had an amazing eye-opening two and a half years experience in New York but eventually decided to come back to Europe to be closer to home. London seemed like the natural next step and again, I fell in love straight away! By the age of 30 I managed to open my own business and found a salon in central London (Bush House on the Strand). Stephan was the obvious choice for a business partner and a flourishing partnership began. So we started and laughed a lot with fabulous loyal clients for seven years (thank you all of you!)

And now the most recent developments…. The lease on our salon was up and I started missing the seaside of my youth. My fiancée and I would like to start a family soon and felt our chapter in London was coming to an end. Around the same time, my cousin’s wife found this salon on sale in Brighton! As I have done many times with no regret, I trusted my intuition and we went for it. Stephan and I bought this place five months ago and here we are now in 63 London Road. And still smiling!