Stephan Rault

I was born in Paris, I started hairdressing in 1994 by working in an exclusive Paris salon. In 1998 I had this desire to go to the other side of the channel (England) were I spent a year in London learning English and various techniques of hairdressing.

Back in Paris I wanted to work with JF Lazartigue. This was a massive turning point in my career, I learned about different treatments and their unique colour, which contains no peroxide and no ammonia.

After a year of intense work in a Paris salon, in 2000, JF Lazartigue transferred me to their New-York salon in the upper east side of Manhattan.
In 2003 I was wondering if I should stay working in America or return to Europe. I was really missing Europe, therefore I said my goodbyes and choose England as my adoptive country.

At the age of 30, I thought it was time to invest in a salon and work for myself, by chance my cousin Johann was in London (hairdresser as well), his boss was selling the business where he worked and we thought it would be great to run it together!!! This was a great opportunity and we stayed there for 7 years.

Now in Brighton, we have been established for more than 5 years and still working hard in 63 London Road.
Thank you for reading about me and we look forward to you visiting our salon.